University Information Technology Services
FY 2015-16
All campuses1
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Estimated number of university-owned workstations:2 60,000
Estimated number of computers (including Unix) in labs, classrooms, and clusters:   8,000
Number of software titles provided at low or no cost:   291
Number IT help desk/tech support personnel, including departmental staff:   1,014
Number of IT education/training classes offered:3 1,476
Percent of faculty connected to the campus network/Internet:   100%
Percent of classrooms connected to the campus network/Internet:   100%
Percent of residence hall beds with network connections:   100%
Percent of campus served by wireless network access:   100%
Percent of classrooms served by wireless network access:   100%
Percent of classrooms with permanent computer projection capability:  98%
Number of wireless nodes on the campus network:   9,343
Number of physical network servers on campus: 3,847
Number of virtual network servers on campus: 4,307
Commodity Internet, average bandwidth offered:   3,460 Mbps
Number of files on the Massive Data Storage System: 219,466,328
Storage used on the Massive Data Storage System: 22,068 TB
Number of research database instances: 120
Research database volume:   12 TB
Research database availability: 96 TB
Number of national and international research and education 
  networks managed/operated at the Global Network Operations Center at IUPUI:   28
REN-ISAC Watch desk
1 All numbers represent totals for all campuses combined; percentages are averages.
2 Includes desktop, notebook, and Unix computers
3 Includes workshops, tutorials, demos, and e-learning classes.